Main Function

  • Classrooms and venues AV system maintenance and technical support
  • AV equipment set up for events
  • AV technical consultation

CSS Audio-Visual Team is responsible for management and maintenance of audio-visual system for classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, University Hall, multi-function rooms, etc. As well as providing AV technical support, AV technical comment and consultation to all units in the University.

There are 2 double-sided LCD digital signages, 9 indoor single-sided LCD billboards on campus managed by CSS AV Team. They are served as promotion or demonstration of news and activities of the University.

Definition of AV equipment at UM

Users can use visual, audio and control equipment for teaching, meeting, performance and presentation. The AV equipment at UM includes three parts: visual system, audio system and AV control system. They are mainly installed in classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, University Hall, mini theatres and multi-function rooms, etc.

Visual System
Projection equipment, displays, etc. Users can view the contents or sources from the computer clearly.

Audio System
Equipped with microphones, speakers, etc. Users can listen to the speech and audio contents clearly.

Control System
Users can use the control panel to switch on/off the AV system, content displays, volume adjustments, etc.

Instructions for Using AV System

Operating instructions for corresponding AV Systems:

AV SystemsOperation GuideOperation Manual
Classroom - Single Projection
(One projector in the room)
Operation GuideOperation Manual
Classroom -Dual Projection
(Two projectors in the room)
Operation GuideOperation Manual
Lecture HallOperation GuideOperation Manual
Use Classroom Microphone as Zoom Microphone for Voice CaptureOperation Guide
Use Visualizer for Zoom Screen SharingOperation Guide

Remarks: “Operation Guide” is a simplified version while “Operation Manual” is a detailed version.


Equipment Introduction

Equipment List

Equipment List
Classroom / Lecture Hall Equipment- Regular Classroom
- Lecture Hall
- 6 or 12 pax Classroom
Equipment Available for BookingAudio-Visual Equipment Booking List

LCD Digital Signage System

Interested parties are welcome to send applications to CSS by filling in the “Application Form for Using UM Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage System, Rolling and Bus Stop Light Box” (CMDO-CSS-011-2022_E_001). You may also click here for single-sided LCD billboards and double-sided LCD digital signage. 

For details of LCD digital signage system, please contact Mr. David Chong (e-mail or tel. at 8822 8457).

Contact us

AV Support Hotline

Tel: 8822 2511

During semester period:

Mon – Thu, 8:00 – 17:45; Fri, 8:00 – 17:30

During recess period:

Mon – Thu, 9:00 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:45; Fri, 9:00 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:30