Main Function

  • Responsible for managing and coordinating the daily cleaning services, pest control services, garbage disposal services, and various recycling arrangements for indoor, carparks, outdoor areas and facilities on the campus
  • Special cleaning requests for deep cleaning of new buildings, University-Level events, ceremony venues

Cleaning service is provided regularly on campus, additional cleaning service can be arranged through Campus Services Section. However, charges to requester or faculty/department may be incurred for services not covered by the scope of existing cleaning service.

For more details, kindly contact us at 8822 4517 or 8822 8645.

Pest control is carried out regularly by outsourced contractors. Schedule of pest control is announced quarterly via UM bulletin.

For details, please contact us at 8822 8038.

To submit a cleaning service request, please fill in the Cleaning Service Application.

You may click here to find out the cleaning service level.

Contact us

Tel: 8822 4517 (Ms. Jennifer LEI) / 8822 8038 (Mr. Canary WONG)

E-mail: /