To meet the University community’s needs and expectations by managing and continuous improving the campus environment and provide campus services, like landscape, cleaning & logistics services, as well as space & venues management.


Campus Services Section (CSS) is a section under the supervision of Campus Management and Development Office (CMDO). It is responsible for providing services to university staff and students and improving the service qualities of campus support.

Its 9 main functional areas are included cleaning, outlet, venue application, mail dispatch, space allocation, audio-visual, printing, signage services and landscape.

Contact info.

CSS Office

Address: 3/F,  Administration Building N6
Tel: (853) 8822 8460 (Ms. Jaclyn Lei)
Fax: (853) 8822 2438
E-mail: jaclynl@um.edu.mo 

Audio-Visual Services
Tel: 8822 2511
E-mail: yiupongho@um.edu.mo
Tel: 8822 4517 (Ms. Jennifer Lei) / 8822 8038 (Mr. Canary Wong)
E-mail: jenniferlei@um.edu.mo / canarywong@um.edu.mo
Tel: 8822 8562 (Mr. Jason LAO)
E-mail: jasonlao@um.edu.mo
Mail Dispatch
Tel: 8822 8646 (Ms. Tobe Wong)/ 8822 8605 (Mr. Vitor Drummond)
E-mail: tobewong@um.edu.mo / vitord@um.edu.mo
Tel: 8822 8531 (Ms. Beta Lam) / 8822 8798 (Mr. Dicky Lou)
E-mail: betalam@um.edu.mo / dickylou@um.edu.mo
Printing Services
Tel: 8822 8555 (Mr. WONG Ngok Pang)
E-mail: npwong@um.edu.mo
Tel: 8822 8440 (Ms. Maggie NG)
E-mail: magng@um.edu.mo
Space Allocation
Tel: 8822 8274 (Mr. Cristiano Chong)
E-mail: cristianochong@um.edu.mo
Venue Application
Tel: 8822 8662 (Ms. Iris Choi)
E-mail: irischoi@um.edu.mo