Main Function

  • Outlet planning and leasing
  • Outlet operation management supervision
  • Outlet promotion
There are more than 27 outlets at the University of Macau, with Dining, Retails, Culture, Banking and Entertainment experiences all under one roof, to serve the various needs from students, staff and visitors. The outlets are mainly distributed at the mall of southern part of campus, academic units at the eastern part and Guest House and research buildings at the northern part. The first campus shopping centre in Macao, located in the core section of the southern campus accommodation area. Heights up to 3 storeys, including Dining, Retails and Service.
In addition, car park is available at the mall to provide an integrated service for the daily needs.


富臨軒N1 聚賢樓星期一至日 11:30 - 15:00
香榭里N1 聚賢樓星期一至日 08:30 - 18:30
太平洋咖啡E2 圖書館星期一至日 10:30 - 18:30
紅樹林E12 健康科學院星期一至日 08:00 - 14:30,16:30 - 20:00
糖主N21 科研大樓星期一至五及星期日 12:00 - 15:00,17:00 - 20:00
小郡肝S8 薈萃坊星期一至日10:30 - 20:30
- 1983南洋美食
- 廣東順德
- 珠記
- 叉燒皇
- F&B
- Kim's Food
- Fish Me
S8 薈萃坊星期一至日11:00 - 19:30
賽百味S8 薈萃坊星期一至日 9:00 - 22:00
筷子S8 薈萃坊星期一至日 11:00 - 20:30
東望洋餅店S8 薈萃坊星期一至日 08:00 - 16:30
ComebuyS8 薈萃坊星期一至五及星期六 11:30 - 19:00



Promotion starts from 2019/07/26
storeFortune Inn

Promotion starts from now, the offer period is subjected to change
storeR&B Tea

Promotion starts from 2019/08/16
storeR&B Tea

Promotion starts from 2019/08/16
storeR&B Tea

Shops in UM

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There are currently about 150 self-service vending machines on campus, including snack & drinks machines, entertainment ticket machines and prepaid phone vending machines.

Shops in the campus are mainly located in the University Mall (South side), the Teaching Building (East side), Guest House and research buildings at the northern part.

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